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A bit of our history

Flag of camp mindel
So the story about camp Mindel? Well for that we need to go back some 40 years to the past. Our story begun with a lone camper named Milos Kumar. As other campers Milos was an explorer and it happened that on that year and day his travels brought him to the island of Korcula and Vela Luka.

While exploring the natural beauties of the island he stumbled upon a secluded olive grove with a small stone house. He really liked the place and went to see if the owner was there to ask him if he could place his tent in this magical grove. The owner was Petar Simunovic, our grandfather, who openheartedly accepted the strangers request. He even felt sorry for the "poor guy" and gave him the key of the small house so he could hide inside in case of rain or if he needed to cook something.

Milos and Petar soon became friends and Milos suggested to Petar to make an autocamp in the grove as at that time the only camp on the island was in town of Korcula on the other side of the island.

So Petar started building and in the first couple of years he managed to create the infrastructure and form the parcels for the camp inside the grove. In the 80's Mindel operated without electrical power, there was no hot water in the showers even the drinking water had to be brought with water tanks from Vela Luka which is 7 km away. The road to the camp was lit with candles and petroleum lamps, but inspite only the basic offer camp was doing great and our guests enjoyed the nature and "Robinson Crusoe style" tourism.

During the beggining of the 90's the camp was closed for a couple of years altough there were visitors here and there looking to hide in the shade of the olive trees.

Well that's about it. It's the new century and we have changed alot in the years that have passed ( but only regarding the hot water, electricity, and a couple of other technologies ), but the things that made us special and recognizible and that is a family atmosphere, friendly and individual approach to our guests and above all peace and quiet we provide have not and will never change in the camp beneath the olive grove.

Camp Mindel flag
Milos Kumar (left) and Petar Simunovic
It's barbecue time